Light Demolition

The dirty work before your renovation

Light Demolition

Q: what’s the riskiest step in any diy home renovation project?

A: the demolition.

When taking on a home renovation project, if you have the time and the know-how then taking on a DIY approach could save you money. But if you do the demolition yourself, you risk causing damage to foundational elements of your home which will cost you in the end. Hire professionals for that first step so you can have peace of mind knowing that your renovation won’t sink your home.

The benefits of hiring experienced professionals


Leave the stress to us

We get it, demolition can be fun. But it not all it’s made up to be, let us handle the demolition while you plan the renovation of your dreams.


Save your time & Energy

A home renovation is a lengthy and exhausting process. Save yourself time up front by letting us do the dirty work.

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Avoid costly mistakes

The wrong move during demolition could cause serious foundational issues to your home. Hire experts who know what is cosmetic vs. what is critical to your home structure before you start.

Common Demolition Projects we help with

Kitchen Remodel

  • Remove old countertops

  • Remove old cabinets

  • Tare up old flooring

  • Remove old appliances

Outdoor Demolition

  • Deck Demolition

  • Shed Demolition & Removal

  • Barn Demolition & Removal

  • Hot Tub Removal

  • Debris Removal

Bathroom Remodel

  • Remove toilet, vanity, or bathtub /shower fixtures

  • Tare up old floor

  • Safely remove lighting fixtures

Main Room Updates

  • Take down non-weight baring walls

  • Carpet & flooring removal

  • Playset demolition & removal

We help with all of this and more! Contact us to book your service!